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ExtRx's Poloxamer business:

Specialty Poloxamers and Poloxamer Library:

ExtRx has the expertise and equipment to produce a library of poloxamers (poloxamers with different molecular weight and composition).  Following family of poloxamers are available (with limited molecular weight and composition range):

  1. Regular poloxamers (PEO-PPO-PEO)
  2. Reverse Poloxamers (PPO-PEO-PPO)
  3. Tetronics (PEO-PPO-EDA-PPO-PEO)
  4. Reverse Tetronics (PPO-PEO-EDA-PEO-PPO)

In addition to the standard range of molecular weight and composition, we can produce custom poloxamers at per customer requirements.

These library of poloxamer compositions are available for research purposes only.

Purification of Poloxamers:

There is significant interest in purified poloxamers for improved physical and stability characteristics as well as for safety reasons.  ExtRx has the expertise and facility to purify commercial grade poloxamers to high purity (significantly improved polydispersity and unsaturation).  Provide purified poloxamer samples to interested clients.

Supply of large quantities of poloxamers:

While ExtRx's strength is to supply research quantities (up to 2 kgs per batch) of specialty poloxamers, it also has supply agreements with large chemical companies (local and overseas) that currently manufacture and sell poloxamers.  ExtRx can assist the client to get the right poloxamers manufactured on time.

ExtRx maintains a supply of poloxamer samples from various manufacturers worldwide.  In addition to the specification provided by the manufacturers, ExtRx included additional test data on these samples that might be helpful to the clients to make more informed decision when choosing their poloxamer supplier.

Custom Modified Poloxamers:

For research and diagnostic purposes, there is a need for poloxamers end group modified with UV or Fluorescence active ends for clients.  We can also attach customer's molecule onto poloxamer ends.  ExtRx can also synthesize radioactive poloxamers for research purposes.  We recognize that it is important to ensure that the radioactive poloxamer should be very similar to the cold material.  We will provide CoA to demonstrate that the equivalency of the radioactive poloxamer.